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VLEs: Pedagogy and Implementation

Date:October 2006

Following the first online VLE conference which was organised on behalf of Becta, Direct Learn organised the VLEs: Pedagogy and Implementation conference. The topic was using virtual learning environments and other types of learning platform in education. The conference had over 300 participants from many countries.

The conference featured a number of different presentations, with papers, PowerPoint presentations with audio, video, etc. Alongside the presentations and accompanying discussions, there were also daily expert sessions, where delegates could post questions and share tips. Furthermore, there was a showcase section with interesting related papers for delegates to download and read.


Theme One : Pedagogy

- Key note presentation: Moodle: a toolbox for creating learning communities by Martin Dougiamas (AUS)

- How effective has VLE implementation been, and what lessons can we learn? by Philip Butler (UK)

- VLEs and accessibility – keeping the learner in focus by Alistair McNaught, John Sewell, Simon Ball (UK)

- Supporting Deaf students in tertiary study through an online communication system by Jennifer Jackson-Hall (NZ)

- Accommodating different aptitudes and abilities in student use of online resources by Simon Bates, Judy Hardy, David McKain (UK)

- Comparison of student performance and satisfaction using different delivery modes by Iain McPhee

Theme Two: Implementation

- Key note presentation: So what now... by James Clay (UK)

- Implementing an Institutional VLE by Stephen Clarke (UK)

- VLE implementation and cultural change by Ian Chowcat (UK)

- Integration of Pedagogical and Operational Levels for Quality Assurance in Instructional Design: a Moodle example by Niki Lambropoulos (UK)

- An overview of the impact of Open Source VLEs by Peter Kilcoyne (UK)

- Implementing a VLE in a secondary school - changing the culture of learning by James Harris (UK)

- Using Moodle in a secondary school - creating an exemplar by Ted Walker, Ian Sadler (UK)

- 'Rules of Engagement' - achievements and barriers by Tara Phelan (UK)

Experts online sessions

- e-Learning and Learning with Dr Wassila Naamani Mehanna

- E-portfolios demystified with Stuart Jones

- Personal learning environments - a reference model with Mark Johnson

- Gadget Gumption with Andy Black

- Developing the use of Content Creation Tools with Arthur Loughran

- Learning Platforms in ACL: Cut to the Chase with Simon Fitzpatrick

Showcase papers

- Federated Teaching: How e-learning will create genuine student centredness by Geoff Rebbeck

- Nurturing communities of professional practice by Linda Lafferty

- Introducing electronic learning to support independent learning with First Year Initial Teacher Training students by Jay Deeble, Pam Maunders

- Developing an Augmented Learning Environment by Lee Williamson

- Becta: defining learning platforms by Peter Jackson