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Supporting Deaf People 2010

Date: February 2010

Our biggest and best SDP conference so far! Keynotes were from Kelly Murphy (Warning: Explicit Content! Profanity as a function of language and strategies for interpreters) and Anna Mindess and Thomas K. Holcomb (Recognizing politeness differences between deaf and hearing cultures: a key to effective interpreting). There were 332 participants, and around 1500 postings.

Feedback for the conference was, as always, excellent, and included:

  • This has been my first SDP On-Line Conference. It has been incredibly informative as well as providing opportunity for more thought.
  • Wow, what a conference this year!! Every year they keep getting better and better. This years topics and discussions were excellent.
  • This is definitely my favorite conference to attend, by far! You can attend in your pyjamas with your own coffee and the discussions are fascinating.

The conference publicity web site, with abstracts and presenter information, is available at: