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Supporting Deaf People 2006

Date: November 2006

The 2006 conference had two themes: interpreting and deafhood/deafnicity.

It was attended by 189 delegates from 18 countries (AUS, BEL, CAN, FIN, DEU, GRC, IRE, JPN, NL, NOR, NZL, PAK, PHL, RSA, SA, UK, USA, VEN). A busy conference with 894 postings in the theme discussion areas, and many more in the social and general discussion areas.

During this conference the presenters submitted a number of different presentation formats. There was a presentation in English and International sign, a number of PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes or audio (with transcription), papers and video examples to support a paper presentation. Formats were converted to Flash for fast download and viewing.

Feedback for the conference was excellent, and included:

"What an awsome format!"

"I am impressed with the format of this conference, and the audience! It is my first time here, and it's different from other online 'teaching' and 'conducting' that I have been doing online for quite a few years now., mainly for other topics. There's a nice climate here - feels like a very supportive culture, and that is probably in large part due to the skills of the conference organizers, as well as the interactions across four days, and the combined interests of all here."

The papers are currently not available, but we are hoping to produce an ebook of the proceedings of the conference in due course.


Theme One: Interpreting

- Key note presentation: Giving Voice: Sign to Voice Interpreting for Deaf Students in Public School Settings by Richard Brumberg (USA)

- Interpreting in the workplace - a collaborative approach? by Jules Dickinson (UK)

- An Exploration of Deaf and non-Deaf Sign Language Interpreters within the Concepts of non-Deaf and Deaf Space by Liz Scully and Nigel Howard (CAN)

- Video Remote Interpreting by Mary Lightfoot (USA)

- Mutual support between deaf professionals and interpreters: A case study by Jemina Napier, Andy Carmichael & Andrew Wiltshire (AUS)

- “I like it/him/her because…”: An exploration of practitioner and consumer attitudes towards signed language interpreting in the community by Jemina Napier (AUS)

Theme Two: Deafhood/Deafnicity

- Keynote presentation: Deafhood by Paddy Ladd (UK)

- Hearing children of Deaf Adults (Codas) - A Question of Identity by Sue Adams (UK)

- The Social Life of Saudi Deaf People by Hend Al-Showaier (SA)

- Imaging the Deaf Brain by Ruth Campbell (UK)

- Deaf professionals and the Deaf community - the refinement of the subaltern concept by Maartje de Meulder (BEL)

- Deaf in Cyberspace by Maria Mertzani (UK)

- "We Are Not Alone" - Walk with Me along the Journey of Late Deafness by Lauren E. Storck (USA)