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Deaf People and Mental Health conference

Date: December 2006

The Deaf People and Mental Health conference was the first conference on this topic for Direct Learn Services. Working with organisations like the British Society for Mental Health and Deafness, ADARA, the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care and the European Society for Mental Health and Deafness, we aimed to organise an international conference which would allow many people who would not normally be able to attend conferences abroad to participate.

It was attended by 127 delegates from 11 countries (AUS, AUT, CAN, ESP, IRE, JPN, NL, NZL, SA, UK, USA).

Feedback for the conference included:

"Outstanding conference with high quality presentations. Stimulating discussion. Highly recommend it to all interpreters." - Lynn Nakamoto, Hawaii, USA

The papers are currently not available, but we are hoping to produce an ebook of the proceedings of the conference in due course.


- Keynote presentation: The characteristics, assessment and treatment of deaf sex offenders by Dr. Brendan Monteiro (UK)

- Keynote presentation: The impact of experience on clinicians’ judgments regarding psychosis symptoms in Deaf patients by Dr. Robert Pollard (USA)

- Bending the Rules - interpreting in mental health settings by Ben Karlin (USA)

- Empowering individuals and empowering communities by accessing education in health related professions by Naomi Sharples (UK)

- Making positive connections - suicide and deaf communities in Glasgow by Lynne Hawcroft and Elaine Welch (UK)

- Suicide in the deaf community - a literature review by Oliver Turner and Joanna Wootten (UK)

- Best practices in treatment for children who were exposed to domestic violence by Brian Berlinski (USA)

- Using videoconferencing in mental health services for deaf children by Dr. Sara Rhys Jones, Ged Davies and Dr. Sophie Roberts (UK)

- Providing culturally responsive mental health care to deaf indigenous and CALD people by Lara Denman (AUS)

- Social and emotional challenges of deaf students in special education in Israel by Dr. Erez Miller (ISR)